Sharon Collins - Artist

Evening, 2015 35x36

Dawn, 2015, 36x36

Forestgreen, 2015, 18x40

Spring1, 2015, 19x38

Spring2, 2015, 19x38

Yellow Dancers, 2015, 27x38

Northern Sky 1, 2015, 20x40

Northern Sky2, 2015, 20x40

We Show our Roots, 2015, 36x42

Enchanted, 2015, 42x31

Down by the Bay, 201538x36

Sunrise, 2015, 20x20

Northern Lights2, 2115, 11x14

Aurora2, 2015, 11x13

Lone Tree, 29x31

Mystic, diptych

19x27 34x27

Misty Hills, 13x15

Marsh Sunny Day, 20x16

Trey, 28x45

Golden Mist, 36x36

Daybreak, 18x42

Golden Trees, 12x12

Spirit Tree, 38x36

Into the Woods,28x38

Heaven Can Wait, 42x42

Morning, 36x36

Try to Remember, 24x30

North of 49, 35x36

When a Tree Falls, 50x28

Peaceful Hills, 2012, 22x19

Frosty, 2013,33x20

Green Fields, 2012, 20x28

Autumn Glory, 2012, 20x28

Great Day, 24x30

Requiem, 2012, 20x28

And So It begins, 2012, 20X28

Rooted, 28x42

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